A large part of film school is the experience of really making films, these are appropriately named "student films." The majority of movie schools need everyone to make a number of trainee films during their core curriculum. The sort of movie and length might vary depending upon the class, year of instruction and professor. These trainee films are … Read More

Today's choices of personal privacy film for windows and frosted glass movie can help you resolve many typical problems with heat, glare, fading and security without entirely obstructing your view. It is a simple, expense efficient method to increase your home's comfort, energy-efficiency and total design. All that is required are a few common tool… Read More

American Movie Schools expense anywhere from $15,000 to $42,000 a year. When famous alum like George Lucas and Martin Scorsese went, the market was very different, and their programs did not cost even a fraction of this amount. As a graduate of NYU Movie, I learned the tough method of the gross detach between what is taught there, and how little it… Read More